[Vacancies] Postdoc positions

[Descriptions] The Statistical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) invites applications for postdoctoral positions in various areas of machine learning and artificial intelligence research. The successful candidate may work with Prof. Jaesik Choi on building various intelligent algorithms including the automatic statistician system, deep learning based surveillance system, intelligent fault diagnosis, general principles (theory) of large-scale dynamic systems. Successful candidates need to have solid background in one of the specified area of interests: machine learning, inductive logic programming, data mining, signal processing, control, nuclear physics, and chemical engineering. We welcome motivated candidates with PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Nuclear Engineering. If you are interested in the postdoctoral positions, please contact Prof. Jaesik Choi (jaesik@unist.ac.kr) with a CV and a brief cover letter.


[Vacancies] Multiple PhD positions

The Statistical Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) at Ulsan National University of Science and Technology (UNIST) invites applications for PhD studies (including MS/PhD studies) in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics. We aim to design new computational models and efficient inference algorithms to solve complex real-world problem for intelligent systems. Our lab respects students’ preference on choosing thesis topic, and will provide opportunities to work with various applications (e.g., robotics, environment, network, security and finance). Our lab is closely collaborating with researchers in the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Argonne National Laboratory. Students may also have chances to visit and work with other research groups during graduate studies.

[Required Skills] Good knowledge in programming and statistics.

[Application Materials] If you are interested in our lab, please contact Jaesik Choi (jaesik@unist.ac.kr). It would be good if you send a brief introduction about you such as  CV and the statement of purpose.


[About SAI-Lab@UNIST]

The primary research goal of the SAI-Lab is to build new models and algorithm to achieve human-level artificial intelligence. The main research areas are statistical relational learning, statistical inference with large-scale graphical models, predicting events in dynamic systems, spatio-temporal video data analysis and learning robot actions. Specifically, we focus on building efficient inference algorithms for accurate prediction of future events in large real-world data.

[About UNIST and Ulsan]

UNIST is a recently established public research university in Ulsan, Korea. UNIST is one of five science and engineering oriented universities strongly supported by the Korean government. UNIST hosts three prestigious Institute of Basic Science (IBS) research centers. All classes are taught in English. All graduate students are financially supported by the university.
The Ulsan metropolitan area is the industrial powerhouse of South Korea, and home for the world largest auto assembly plant (Hyundai motors), the largest shipyard (Hyundai heavy industiries) and the second largest oil refinery (SK energy). Ulsan has maintained the highest GDP per capita ($58,062 as of 2012) in Korea. Ulsan is close to another metropolitan city Busan (the downtown Busan is less than an hour by car). Seoul can be reached by the high-speed train less than 2.5 hours.